Monday, October 10, 2016

464 Free Art Books (and Other Free Books)

Looking for free materials for the classes you teach? You'll be pleased to know that you can download hundreds of books on Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It seems logical that the museum would host such a collection. What may surprise you is the diversity of this collection of "Art" books.

The content available is varied, covering art from many parts of the world, and in mediums as diverse as painting and furniture design. Want to know about the forms in Fencing? There's a book here for you. Interested in the design of early 20th century American sportswear? There's a book here for you. Need a resource on the design of antique musical instruments? There's a book here for you. Need a resource on "Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy", "Andean Four-Cornered Hats", or "European Horse Armor"? You can find it in this collection, and either read it online or download it, all for free! The collection's diversity makes it almost as interesting to browse the titles as to read the books.

You can visit and browse the collection of free books, by following this link:

Met Publications: Books With Full Text Online.

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