Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bibliography by Smartphone

Quick Cite Screenshot A new app available for the iPhone and Android phones called Quick Cite allows you to create a citation by scanning the barcodes of sources with your phone’s camera.  This app allows the user to choose APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or IEEE formatting standards.

When a user scans the barcode of a book with Quickcite, the properly formatted Bibliographic entry of choice is generated.  A great time-saver when you’re buried in research.

Download Quick Cite:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is "instructor presence" online?

Teaching , or instructor, presence is critical in online course. You've heard that time and again, no doubt, but what does it really mean from a student's point of view? Kathleen Sheridan and Melissa A. Kelly of National-Louis University in Chicago decided to find out. In a nutshell…

The most important ways instructors can make their presence meaningful for students were:
  1. Makes course requirements clear
  2. Clearly communicated important due dates/time frames for learning activities
  3. Sets clear expectations for discussion participation
  4. Provides clear instructions on how to participate in course learning activities
  5. Provides timely feedback on assignments and projects
  6. Clearly communicates important course topics
  7. Creates a course that is easy to navigate
  8. Clearly communicated important course goals
  9. Keeps the course calendar updated
  10. Always follows through with promises made to students
And these were the least important:
  1. Uses icebreakers to help students become familiar with one another
  2. Responds to student questions when ever I need a response/24 hours a day
  3. Feedback and comments are always positive
  4. Provides weekly lectures
  5. Participate daily in discussions
  6. Reply to each individual student's posts in the discussion area
  7. Provide a video that allows me to hear and see the instructor
  8. Engages in "real time" chat sessions
  9. Create chapter quizzes
  10. Has a personal website for me to go to
Rather enlightening, don't you think? Assuming our students are like those of NLU, this provides some guidance as to where to put your effort when you develop your online course. In future posts I'll address some of the ways you can apply some of the things on that "most important" list.

To see the details of the study go to