Monday, April 23, 2012

Free Photoshop CS6 Live Webcasts!

Free Photoshop CS6 Webcasts!

National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAAP), are offering 6 days of free live webinars to train eager bodies to the latest launch of Adobe Photoshop CS6 starting today at noon!

Talented professionals go through the new features and take questions live in two webcasts the first day. The webinars are for 6 days starting at noon. The 6th and final day is for everyone who missed webinars through the week and have that day to catch up.

They cover things from photography, 3D, video and design. This should be a wonderful week of webinars because the folks at NAAP are great instructors. Follow the link below to get started!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Create How-To Guides With Your iPhone

While smartphones and tablets have been gaining popularity as media consumption devices, it has been a very slow change to enable users to create useful content with these devices. Signaling a possible change in this trend is a new app called Snapguide. This is a new app for users of iOS devices. This app takes advantage of the fact that you have a little networked computer with a camera attached in your pocket. Using the built in camera, and adding text, users can quickly and easily create graphical guides to doing or making anything.
Look at a few examples:
That last guide, in particular, illustrates the possible pedagogical use for this app. It could provide an easy way for an instructor to create a visual guide to share with students. In a case where students all have access to iPhones, the students could complete an assignment where they create a guide for building/making/investigating some topic. There is also a web-only interface, which can be used by those without an iOS Device, and an Android version is coming soon!