Monday, October 31, 2011

Web Acessibility for Instructional Designers

There are issues encountered by Instructional Designers that can be key parts of the challenge when making course materials as accessible as possible. In general, putting up content in html format allows for a great deal of flexibility. As on the rest of the web, it allows the use of css techniques, graphics, javascript, flash, etc. It also eliminates the need for extra software applications on student computers to read course content. However, there are some complex challenges encountered when putting certain subject materials into html format.

This presentation may be of help to those facing such challenges. In it, I go through a handful of key issues we’ve faced, and techniques we’ve used in our office while designing online classes. These include the problems of making information in graphical, video, and audio formats accessible, color coding, and planning for screen-reader users. The full text transcript of each slide is available on the Notes tab that goes with it.

Problem Solving-Accessibility in Online Classes Presentation.