Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adobe's New LMS

Adobe has a relatively new program out called Captivate Prime.  Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System geared for corporate training.

Captivate Prime claims to be easy to set up and manage (typically in three steps) and conducive to a varied content integration (PPTX, Video, PDF, DOCX, AICC and SCORM packages).

The player works on desktop as well as in mobile/tablet (using the Prime app) environments using what Adobe terms as the Fluidic Player.  Learners will have their own dashboard where they can view their progress, skills attained, and even badges earned.  Further, the player will let users to bookmark their lessons as well as take and maintain notes.

Another interesting feature is how Captivate Prime apparently lets administrators tag and link learning modules together to create courses; which can be linked together into programs.  It sounds like object oriented  course design     

I look forward to seeing the program in action.  It could do well for corporate training due to it's ease of set up and use for even non-technical administrators.

To see more details visit Adobe's website on Captivate Prime at:

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