Tuesday, January 5, 2016

eBooks and Audiobooks Through WVU Libraries

In addition to the many great resources that WVU Libraries offers to students, faculty, and staff at West Virginia University, they also offer access to the online ebook and audiobook service, Overdrive. Overdrive is used by libraries across the country to allow patrons to “check out” digital books. If all of the WVU licenses for a particular book are already checked out, you can digitally “reserve” the book, and get an e-mail as soon as it becomes available.
Screenshot of the WVU Libraries Overdrive page

Apps, Apps, Apps!

The Overdrive service offers apps for most types of tablets, computers, and other devices! These allow you to read your ebook wherever you are. Available apps include Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, OSX, Chrome OS, Nook, and Amazon Kindle Fire!

On the right is a view of the Overdrive app on an Android phone.

How Do I Do This?

Just follow these steps:
  • You can read ebooks and listen to audiobooks directly inside your web browser, just by visiting the WVU Libraries Overdrive Link: http://wvu.lib.overdrive.com/ 
  •  Alternatively, to use an app on your device of choice, first download the app at https://app.overdrive.com/ 
  •  After you have the app installed, choose the “Sign Up” option. 
  •  When you create your account, choose the “option to use e-mail, and create an Overdrive account using your WVU e-mail address. 
  •  After your account has been created, you should get an e-mail message asking you to click a link to verify the account. 
  •  Inside the app, once you are logged into your new account, look for the “Manage Libraries” setting. 
  •  You want to add a new library. When searching, be sure to type in “West Virginia University”. WVU did not work for me.
Screenshot of the app menu.
That’s it! You are now connected to ebooks and audiobooks, courtesy of WVU Libraries! Note that you will spend most of your time in the app switching between the "West Virginia University" library view, where you search for books, and the"Bookshelf" view, where you read your currently checked out and downloaded books.

Also, note that while you use the Overdrive account you created to log into the app, you will still need to enter your WVU ID username and password while you are browsing for books in the "West Virginia University" library section of the app.

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