Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don’t Let Your Class End Up on the “Front Page of the Internet”.

The website known as Reddit bills itself as the "Front Page of the Internet". Warning: take all content warnings seriously when browsing Reddit. Any and all content types are there. One "subreddit" or section of the site is named "mildlyinfuriating". This section allows people to rant about various annoyances in their day. Today, an image entitled "How my professor organizes her lectures for our class" has 2047 "upvotes" as of this writing:

Photo of a Blackboard LMS class with the lectures utterly out of numerical order.
Click the image above, to visit the original Reddit post.

Don't let this be you! Always review your class in Student View, and think about what it would be like to come into the course for the first time. Even better, ask a person who is entirely unfamiliar with the class to find something, starting from the main page of the course, and watch them for possible confusion.

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