Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A graphic Representation of the Passage of Time

"If you're fascinated by the passage of time and how different units of measure time relate to one another, then Here is Today is a great way to visualize just that. It starts out showing you today, before moving into the week, month, year, century, millennium, and more. It's beautifully designed and fully animated, and lets you easily move backward and forward through time."
From Webdesigner Depot Newsletter -

This is a great visual example of an animated infographic. Just simply click "okay" or "-back" to go through the passage of time.


  1. It puts an interesting perspective on life.

  2. See, this is the kind of site you need to visit when you have a bad day. Perspective check. :)

  3. I went from feeling like today the world was going to end to feeling utterly insignifant. Just kidding, very well illustrated and neat!