Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Games

I'd like to introduce you to a product called Twine.

Twine is a product that lets you build an interactive story. As you're making the story, you can put in choices for the reader. As you get more advanced, you can even hide text from readers unless they made particular previous choices.

Twine is a free download, super simple to start using, but robust enough to grow into something more.

You can download Twine here.

You can watch a video on how to build a simple story with Twine below:

And if you'd like to learn about some more advanced options (like tracking "whether the player's visited a certain place or how many stones of power she's collected") then you'll want to read "How to Make Games with Twine" at auntiepixelante.com

Can you think of ways to use Twine for your course?

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  1. I like Twine. It makes it really easy for creating interactive scenario based learning.