Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Create How-To Guides With Your iPhone

While smartphones and tablets have been gaining popularity as media consumption devices, it has been a very slow change to enable users to create useful content with these devices. Signaling a possible change in this trend is a new app called Snapguide. This is a new app for users of iOS devices. This app takes advantage of the fact that you have a little networked computer with a camera attached in your pocket. Using the built in camera, and adding text, users can quickly and easily create graphical guides to doing or making anything.
Look at a few examples:
That last guide, in particular, illustrates the possible pedagogical use for this app. It could provide an easy way for an instructor to create a visual guide to share with students. In a case where students all have access to iPhones, the students could complete an assignment where they create a guide for building/making/investigating some topic. There is also a web-only interface, which can be used by those without an iOS Device, and an Android version is coming soon!

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